Beginning the journey to welcome a Hoosier Canines Bernedoodle into your life starts with a unique and significant step: our reservation form. This form is your first connection to the life-long companionship only a Bernedoodle can offer. 

Completing the form is straightforward and designed to ensure a seamless experience from the comfort of your home. Yet, its simplicity doesn’t portray its importance.

At Hoosier Canines, we believe in making perfect matches between our puppies and their prospective families. This form is not just a form; it’s a crucial tool in our family selection process. 

It allows us to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and the loving environment you offer. By sharing a glimpse into your world, you enable us to ensure that every puppy is placed in a home where they will thrive and become a cherished family member.

Don’t wait another day. Take the first step towards a lifetime of joy and companionship. Complete our reservation form now and start your journey with a Hoosier Canines Bernedoodle puppy.

For general inquiries, you may contact Jay at (260) 350-9186 or use our contact form.

Applications submitted on Sundays will be responded to on Monday morning!

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