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The Hobson Family

Hi Jay, our family wanted to let you know that Taylor, our LEO, is an amazingly wonderful dog. He has the demeanor, personality, loyalty, intelligence and affection that EVERY dog owner would want and hope for. We still are amazed how blessed we are to have him. He is incredible! Wanted to say thanks again for letting us have the opportunity!

Mindy Layne Jennings

You will not be disappointed with a pup from Crystal & Louie. Ours has been amazing. Smart and loyal and gentle. A breeze to train!

The Burns Family

Hi Jay, Just wanted to update you and thank you for such an amazing dog. She has been so easy to train, sweet, calm, and amazing with the kids! We could not have asked for a better dog. I have referred my sister and neighbor and plenty of strangers that have met her and fallen in love with her! Thank you again for our sweet dog, we love her so much.

The Olson Family

Good afternoon! I just wanted to send you a few updated pictures of our puppy, Mackey (Indigo, at birth). We are so in love with her and her goofy personality. She is so social and came to us mostly potty trained- she only had 5 total accidents when we brought her home and we think that was just her getting used to where to go. We seriously can not take her anywhere with out being stopped MULITPLE times because people want to pet her and love on her. They always comment on how beautiful she is and how pretty her markings are. I can’t recommend you enough to people!

Mandi Gilliland

Just wanted to send an update on Izzy, now Scout. She is the best puppy we’ve had. Her and our poodle are best buddies. We could not love her more!

The Capps Family

Millie (formerly Lacy). Our vet said she has one of the BEST personalities she’s ever seen in a doodle pup. Millie has been a great addition to our family!

Sarah White

Hi there! Just wanted to give you an update on Jesse (now Apollo). He is the best dog and the best companion we could ask for. He has been easy to train and he is amazing with other dogs and kids. Hands down the perfect family dog.

Jill & Matt Arthur

We got Lucy (Gloria) from you back in April. She is the absolute best puppy. The whole family loves her to pieces but especially the kids! Lucy loves water and has been on several long road trips with us – she’s been to Colorado twice, Duluth, MN and Iowa several times already! She’s a great traveler!

Adamson Family

Just thought I would give you an update on the puppy we got from. He is from Crystal & Louie’s 2019 litter. His name is now Garrus and he is AMAZING! He is the smartest dog I have ever had! My son shows him in 4-H dog obedience and he has been the high point champion 2 years in a row!!! I joke and say that Garrus shows Ian instead of the other way around! He really is the perfect dog. So laid back, friendly, and loyal. I am so thankful for him every single day!