Introducing a Bernedoodle into your home is a unique blend of joy and responsibility, a journey filled with tail wags and learning curves. With their blend of Bernese Mountain Dog loyalty and Poodle intelligence, these delightful companions are sure to fill your heart with cuddles, energy, and the sheer joy of companionship. So, how do you bring them into your home & what should you do?

Hoosier Canines is thrilled to guide you through making your Bernedoodle’s transition into your home as seamless and joyful as possible. Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring your new furry family member feels right at home.

New Bernedoodle owner receiving a puppy from Hoosier Canines

Preparing Your Home for Your Bernedoodle

  • Puppy-Proofing Your Space: Bernedoodles’ curiosity knows no bounds. Securing hazards and creating a safe, welcoming space is crucial. Depending on when you bring them home, it’s important to adapt your puppy-proofing for indoor warmth during winter and outdoor safety during summer.

  • Choosing the Right Supplies: Bernedoodles have a luxurious coat that varies from wavy to curly, requiring specific grooming tools to keep them comfortable. Essential supplies include a high-quality crate for cozy nights, durable toys for their boundless energy, and grooming essentials to keep their coat in tip-top shape. Hoosier Canines offers our approved “New Puppy Shopping List,” so you can purchase everything you need!

The First Day:

Introducing Your Bernedoodle to their New Home

  • The Arrival: The moment you bring your Bernedoodle home is significant. Start by introducing them to their immediate family in a serene, calm manner. Given their sensitive nature, a tranquil welcome will help them feel secure. Show them their special place in your home where they can retreat and feel safe.
  • Establishing a Routine: Consistency helps your Bernedoodle adjust and thrive. With varying work-to-life schedules, establishing a routine for feeding, potty breaks, and exercise is essential. Early on, decide on a routine that fits your lifestyle while accommodating the needs of your energetic and intelligent Bernedoodle.

Nutrition and Health:

Ensuring Your Bernedoodle Thrives in the Midwest

  • Feeding Your Bernedoodle: Proper nutrition is key to your Bernedoodle’s health and happiness. Opt for high-quality dog food that supports their energy levels and coat health. In the Midwest, we have access to excellent local pet food brands that use regional ingredients, perfect for your Bernedoodle’s diet. For you, opt for a local pet store or order high-quality food. Check out our “Puppy Nutrition” page to see what breeders feed their pups and recommend.
  • Veterinary Care: Regular check-ups with a trusted local vet ensure your Bernedoodle stays healthy through all seasons. Discuss a vaccination schedule, heartworm prevention for humid summers, and tick prevention for those lovely hikes you’ll enjoy together.
Well-socialized Bernedoodle puppy playing with children

Training and Socialization:

Raising a Well-Adjusted Bernedoodle

  • Basic Training: Bernedoodles are quick learners thanks to their intelligent lineage. Start basic training early, focusing on positive reinforcement to encourage their natural eagerness to please. Winters offer a great opportunity for indoor training sessions, while the warmer months are perfect for outdoor socialization.
  • Socialization: Bernedoodles thrive in any location. From the Midwest’s diverse environments (we know first hand) to bustling urban areas or serene countryside, there are ample socialization opportunities. Introduce your Bernedoodle to different settings, people, and animals to nurture its adaptable and friendly nature.

Bonding with Your Bernedoodle

  • Spending Quality Time Together: Bernedoodles thrive on companionship and love being part of family activities. Whether it’s cozy indoor games during blustery winters or exploring the great outdoors in summer, quality time strengthens your bond.
  • Understanding Your Bernedoodle’s Needs: Bernedoodles are as affectionate as they are active. Pay attention to their emotional and physical needs, adapting to their energetic or cuddly moments. Their adaptability makes them perfect companions for any lifestyle, ready for a hike or a snug evening at home.

Embracing the Journey with Your Bernedoodle Starts with Reserving One

The path to welcoming a Bernedoodle into your heart and home begins with finding the perfect puppy, a companion who matches your lifestyle, energy, and love. At Hoosier Canines, we understand that this journey is not just about bringing a pet into your home but welcoming a new family member into your life. Reserving your Bernedoodle puppy with us is the first step towards embracing a future filled with joy, companionship, and unforgettable moments.

Reserve Your Dream Bernedoodle

Embracing the journey with a Bernedoodle starts here, with Hoosier Canines. Reserving your Bernedoodle puppy with us means bringing home a puppy that’s not only been raised with love and care but is also the perfect match for your family. 

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