About Gordon

Born On: 06/17/2022

Meet Gordon, the charismatic 35-pound Poodle who holds a special place in our hearts as the esteemed father of our Bernedoodle clan. Despite his smaller stature, Gordon is big on personality and charm. With a clean bill of health and a wagging tail to match, he exemplifies vitality and vigor. Gordon’s affectionate disposition and playful spirit make him an endearing companion on our farm adventures. Whether he’s bounding through fields or snuggling up by the fireplace, Gordon’s presence brings warmth and joy to our lives. As a proud father to our Bernedoodle puppies, Gordon imparts not only his petite stature but also his loving nature and lively personality, ensuring that each new member of our family inherits his legacy of love and laughter.


  • F1b Medium Bernedoodle, Female

    F1b Medium Bernedoodles. The father is Gordon, he is a happy, smart and loving Medium Poodle! He is 30 pounds.! The mother is our obedient F1 Bernedoodle Daisy (From Nakita & Dasher)! Both Parents are [...]