About Pete

Born On: 01/21/2021

Pete’s offspring are a testament to his outstanding qualities and genetic integrity. With Pete as their father, our Bernedoodle puppies are destined to be cherished family members, bringing love and laughter into every home. Pete weighs 20 pounds. He is health tested genetically, and has his OFA Certifications in – Full Detention, Heart, and Patellar Luxation!

Pete is not owned by Hoosier Canines, LLC Contact us for his health certificates. 


  • F1 Mini Bernedoodle, Female

    Go to their {litter page} on for more info and pictures for certain genders. Born on: 6/21/2024 Ready for their new home on: 8/16/2024 CKC Registered Microchipped $3850 F1 Mini Bernedoodles! The father is Pete, [...]