Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog + Poodle mix) has been in limelight for a long time now as it has become one of the most popular designer breeds in the last couple of years. While considering getting a Doodle puppy, many to-be-dog-parents are confused between different types of Doodles and many think that all the Doodles are the same but the fact is that they are not.

Being a Doodle or a Poodle cross, it shares some traits with other Doodles but there are many significant differences between all the Doodles.

So, if you are on this page, most probably, you are looking for differences or similarities between the Bernedoodle and other Doodle breeds. To address all such confusion and questions, I have written this quick post where you’ll find the difference between Bernedoodle and other Doodles such as Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Cavapoo, and a couple of others.

Before comparing Bernedoodle with others, let’s have a quick overview of the common traits or features that almost every Doodle breed may have.

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Low-shedding Coat: Poodles have a curly coat that doesn’t shed much and therefore their puppies will also have a low-shedding coat. A well-reputable and responsible breeder breeds the healthiest dogs with all the correct Genetic tests to ensure each puppy is getting what it should from the poodle side of the cross and their puppies will have coat types as predicted by them.

Intelligence: Yes, they are very intelligent and the credit once again goes to Poodles. Poodles are ranked as the second-most intelligent dogs in the world after Border Collies. Doodle breeds are more likely to get perks of their parent’s intelligence which make them ideal family dogs.

Temperament: While getting any dog breed, one of the most important factors to look for is its temperament and it is important to know about it before getting a puppy. The temperament of a dog can be defined as its attitude towards different people, other animals, and situations. When it comes to Doodles, they have an exceptional temperament and they do very well with almost everyone, especially kids and animals.

Now, let’s find out some quick differences between Bernedoodle and other Doodles.


Bernedoodle vs Labradoodle

Bernedoodles may be slightly larger than the Labradoodles (Labrador Retriever + Poodle mix). Both the Doodles come in a variety of colors but the Bernedoodles are mostly tri-colored which makes them unique from other Doodles.

The Bernese Poodle mix looks more graceful and has eye-catchy looks which is why they cost more than Labradoodles. In terms of temperament, both breeds stand out but the Bernedoodle gets the nod on this one.

Bernedoodle vs Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever + Poodle mix) is yet another lovely Doodle having a friendly nature and excellent temperament like a Bernedoodle. In terms of size, the Goldendoodle tends to be smaller than the Bernedoodle.

Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle, both are affectionate, energetic, healthy, and always ready to accompany their humans. Bernedoodles are more protective than the Goldendoodles because of the fact that the Bernese Mountain Dogs have a loyal nature.

Goldendoodles are more friendly in general, than the Bernedoodles and get along with almost everyone while some Bernedoodles may be a bit reserved around strangers. As compared to the Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle makes the best guard dogs.

Bernedoodle vs Cavapoo

Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle mix) is a small-sized dog that usually grows up to 10 – 25 lbs. while the Bernedoodle may weigh between 10 and 95 lbs. depending on the type of Poodle parent.

Bernedoodle and Cavapoo, both are gentle, loving, and intelligent. In terms of trainability, both the Doodles are excellent and smart enough to pick your commands. Moreover, both of them can become excellent service dogs or therapy dogs.

Bernedoodle vs Sheepadoodle

Bernedoodle and Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog + Poodle mix), both are entertaining, charming, and loyal. Bernedoodles are graceful and calm while Sheepadoodles are more playful. Being a product of Old English Sheepdogs, the Sheepadoodles are capable of being ideal herding dogs.

When it comes to energy levels, Sheepadoodles have more energy than their counterpart and you may need to exercise them for up to 90 minutes or maybe more.

If you are looking for an indoor dog and unable to decide between Sheepadoodle and Bernedoodle, you should go for a Bernedoodle. Because Sheepadoodle needs a lot of space to roam and play so larger homes with backyards are preferred for them.

Bernedoodle vs Saint Berdoodle

Saint Berdoodle is a cross between Saint Bernard and Poodle and is considered a large-sized dog with the possibility of reaching up to 200 lbs. It comes in some limited colors with the probability of a wiry, rough, curly, or smooth coat.

Both breeds are intelligent, easy to train, playful, affectionate, and excellent with children. Their overall health is wonderful but the lifespan of Saint Berdoodle is around 12 years as compared to the lifespan of Bernedoodle which may be up to 15 years.


One thing is for sure, all the dogs are lovely and deserve loving families. If we need to decide between one of the mentioned Doodle breeds, it may be difficult because most of them have similar traits and very few differences. All it depends on your requirements and the environment you are living in.

If you have finalized Bernedoodle as your new pet dog, contact us so we could help you get a Bernedoodle puppy that fits your needs!